Effortless and Effective Meditation for all walks of life

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Vedic Meditation, the time-tested and effortless technique for reducing stress, decreasing brain fog, and increasing personal and professional resilience. If you are considering a meditation course you've come to the right place.

Our website is still under development but we'd love to invite you to attend a 1 hour no-obligation Information Session where we can answer all your questions. During the information session you will learn:

During the information session you will learn:

  • The three different categories of meditation
  • How Vedic Meditation works on the mind and the body
  • Why 'trying' to meditate doesn't work
  • How Vedic Meditation allows the body to experience profound rest and release stress even more effectively than sleep does
  • Why your previous attempts at meditation may not have worked
  • Why you can meditate anywhere, anytime, (even in a noisy airport!)
  • Why comfort is critical to help you meditate successfully.
  • We'll tackle some common myths about meditation and equip you with what you need to know to decide if Vedic Meditation is right for you.

We are currently servicing clients in Byron Bay with classes in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast coming soon, and other areas to follow. Register for a free no-obligation information session below to find out more.

Vedic Meditation Information Session

Our next free information session is on

  • MONDAY, October 9th
  • 5 PM
  • Attend in person at our Byron Bay Studio or online via Zoom - Register below

Spaces are limited so please register below to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you.

Vedic Meditation NEXT COURSE

Our next course on Vedic Meditation is scheduled for:

  • Saturday, October 21st - Tuesday October 24th 
  • Times vary. 60 mins on Day 1, 60-90 mins for Days 2, 3 and 4. 
  • Please note, to ensure the course is suitable for you, you must attend an information session or have a discussion with one of our teachers before registering for the course. Please contact us for details or to register - info@themeditationpeople.com

The upcoming information session and course will be facilitated by

Mathieu Carlot

meditation teacher

After a successful career as an art director and designer in France and Australia, I understood that my role was not only to create for others but also to help people reach their full potential.

This realisation started in mid 2008 when I learnt meditation as I had trouble managing stress and was looking for a sustainable way to channel my energy.
After being introduced to Vedic Meditation, it wasn’t long before this simple, effortless practice, created a profound shift. The practice infused my life with clarity and a taste of pure creation.

After 6 years of intensive meditation, retreats, travelling in India and studying the Vedas, I finalised my initiator training in 2012 in Bali.
I was trained by Thom Knoles (Maharishi Vyasananda Saraswati), internationally recognised as the world’s foremost expert on Vedic Meditation.

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